So you want to join us


Hello and thanks for your interest in our goals. At present besides scholarships we are focused on trying to improve the image of SHS while at the same time increasing the student and community pride in our school. We feel we can help improve the communications between both the students and the school and community. This website is our first step. A student run monthly online news letter has also been started. We also hope to establish a public relations line with the local media. There are many positive things happening at Stranahan that go unreported to the media.
We know that many of you are involved with our young people. We would like to help you get some recognition as well as work together to raise up our kids.

Some of the many ways you can help out young Dragons

  1. No money, no time, no problem – just check our website every week or so to keep on top of what’s happening.
  2. Spread the word. Talk us up, let others know what we are doing.
  3. Talk up a kid; show that you are interested in them. It only takes a minute.  Come to a school event or contest.
  4. Do you have a career related summer job for a high school or college kid? Call the school.
  5. Do you want to start your own scholarship? We can help you get started and give names of those that helped us.
  6. So you would like to donate. It’s simple. Here are two easy ways to make a tax deductible contribution.


Donating is Simple

First, simply write a check to Broward Education Foundation, but make sure you write Stranahan Education Endowment Foundation at the bottom of the check where it says memo, for, or subpayee.  Otherwise your funds will go into their general scholarship fund and not to our Stranahan fund.

Send Check to:

Claudette LeVoie
600 SE 3rd Ave
First Floor
Ft Lauderdale, Fla. 33301

Second, you can donate online.  Just click on the link to BEF…. Broward Education Foundation… and fill in the form, like any online purchase.  Again make sure you specify that you are contributing to the Stranahan Education Endowment Foundation.  See DONATION section for more details