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Thank you for choosing to donate to our SEEF scholarship fund in memorial of Kieth Skinner. We all hope you will couple your gift of money with a gift of time by getting involved with some of the young people in your community. Here is another short fable to help explain our mission…..

As I traveled down a long, hot, dusty road I met a very elderly man planting trees by the roadside. I paused on my journey to ask him why he was planting trees when at his advanced age he would not live the 20 to 30 years to see them mature. I do not plant them for me, he Replied, but for those who come after me. The leaves of the trees will give them shade in which to rest and refresh themselves and the fruits and nuts they bear will help nourish them on their arduous trips.

We want our youth to be our saplings, and our scholarships, attention, and encouragement , aching as fertilizer and water. Our students will mature into strong healthy trees. These trees will provide the seeds and shade to shelter the endless generations to follow.

Thanks again for your contributions it helps keep the tradition of DRAGONS HELPING DRAGONS alive and well

Donate by check

If you would like to donate by check simply fill out your check to the Broward Education Foundation. Make sure you write SEEF or Stranahan Education Endowment Fund at the bottom of the check where it says memo, for, or subpayee. Otherwise your check will be deposited in the BEF account instead of our Stranahan account.

you can send checks to:
Claudette Lavoie
Broward Education Foundation
600 SE 3rd Ave
First Floor
Ft Laud, Fla. 33301

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